Le Mans 24 2006

Oh my god, I do love the Internet.

I am watching the Le Mans 24 hours race on the Internet. RTL7 is streaming the live coverage and at the same time I am listening to radio Le Mans. All the TV channels are only broadcasting small bits of the race.

Audi is running first with a R10 TDI, that is a diesel. Yes, a diesel! But more important Jan Lammer is still running, and he is running in third place ate the moment (23:30 saterday evening). He probably will not hold that place because there is another fast Audi on the track behind him. The Pescarolo’s will probably not make it to the end.

This is great!

One crazy race!

Paul Stoddart, team owner of Minardi, indicated on TV that 9 teams agreed to race if an additional chicane was placed on the track. That was rejected by Ferrari and the FIA.
Furthermore, he said that he and Jordan agreed not to race either but that his team was racing now because Jordan broke that agreement.
If Jordan an Minardi wouldn’t have raced, it would have left Ferrari to race on their own!

One crazy race!

I’m watching a crazy Formula 1 race from Indianapolis.
Crazy because six cars are driving and 14 others quit after the installation lap. The six cars are using Bridgestone tyres while the other are on Michelin. Michelin made a mistake in the compound of the tyres and couldn’t garantee the safety of the drivers. The mistake resulted in a crash in one of the training sessions, much like last years crash of Ralf Schumacher.
So, all teams with cars on Michelin decided not to race.

F1 is exciting again

Today the F1 race the Germany ended with a bang. In the last lap the front suspention of Kimi Raikkonen gave in after he flat spotted his right tyre some six laps before.
How disappointing it was for Kimi and his (my) team, this is how racing should be. In spite of the risk of crashing, McLaren and Kimi decided to go for the win. Way to go!!!