How narrow minded can you be?

This week their were two ‘interesting’ items in the Dutch news.

  1. Some top executives warned that they they would move the company headquarter to another country if the upheaval in the Dutch society, the Dutch press and Dutch politics about the level of their salary would continue,
  2. A Dutch cartoonist was picked up by ten men of the Dutch police and was held in custody for almost two days. In 2005 somebody complained about some cartoons which were published on his website. Now, after almost three years, the Dutch police decided to act on the complains. The cartoonist was ‘asked’ to remove eight cartoons from his website. Rather strange when you consider that no judge has ruled on the case up to now.


Fuck you Adam Curry!

Great website (

Some guy started a new website on which he is going to post his comments on the podcast of Adam Curry. His beef is that Adam is always complaining about how busy he is and that he hardly has time to make his “daily source code” show.
The dude is right. The show is not daily and there is no excuse why Adam cannot make an upload daily. He has all the technology, iriver iphone, wifi, nokia, etc.

Two blunders of the Dutch government

In the past couple of weeks the Dutch government, lead by Balkenende, has made some blunders. First they let the Dutch princess Maxima make an highly controversial remark about the absence of a Dutch identity. Secondly, the moment that Hirsi Ali shows her face in the Netherlands she is being told that she could better go back to the US because she could have handled the issue around her protection from there.

Two mistakes that show that the Dutch government has no idea what the feelings and ideas are within the Dutch society.

Podshow on the move

Adam Curry’s and Ron Bloom’s Podshow is on the move.

  • Recently they got BT (British Telecom) on board and started the English branch of Podshow.
  • They acquired Podshow Alley [link to article].
  • They got another 15M$ from their venture capital [link to article].

There are some critics who doubt whether the Podshow bubble will rise or burst [link to article].
I think they have good partners. But, what they should do is get as many podcast on board as possible plus made their delivery network as common and good as iTunes.

Scoble walks with Thomas Hawk

Robert Scoble finally has his new videoshow up and running at Podtech. I watched the three episodes with Thoms Hawk and I enjoyed it very much. It is refreshing to hear from Thomas that 1 out of 30 pictures of him are good enough to publish. I can understand why he is shooting digital and not on film.
[Link to Robert Scoble show]

Benjamen Walker is podcasting again!

In January I wrote that Benjamen Walker was missing [link]. He has a blog and radio program which you can listen too as a podcast [wikipedia podcast]. A lot of comments came in on this blog and it seemed that more people were worried about his wellbeing.
He has surfaced again and new programs are available on his site The only problem I have is that since he has moved his feeds to the NPR alt.npr offering we only get excerpt of his program. They use to be 29 minutes, now it cut short to something like 14 minutes.

This is like drinking Diet Coke instead of the real stuff. I want the whole program!

Where is Benjamen Walker?

I’ve been listening to the shows of Benjamen Walker since a year and a half. His shows are transmitted in the US by Chicago Public Radio but also by a number, as he calls it, enlightened radio stations. But you can also listen to him on the internet.

He travels around the world, recently he was in the UK, before that in Tunisia, China and Jamaica. On regular basis he is asked to appear to speak at conferences like the International Audio festival.
If you are interested in good different and independent podcast/radio goto his site on

There is one problem and I’m worried; I haven’t heared the guy since Okctober last year. Where is Bejamen? Does anybody knwo know, please let me know.

Ongoing rant between Curry and Winer?

Today (May 26 2005) Dave Winer posted a reply on the pileup between him and Adam Curry.
In January Adam went to Florida to meet up with his friends to talk about the future of podcasting. Among those friends was Dave Winer who had been talking with Adam for weeks about going into podcasting business. After those meeting Adam made a sightseeing podcast where he sounded really frustrated. Something had gone wrong and Dave’s podcast sheds a different light on the matter.