Le Mans 24 2006

Oh my god, I do love the Internet.

I am watching the Le Mans 24 hours race on the Internet. RTL7 is streaming the live coverage and at the same time I am listening to radio Le Mans. All the TV channels are only broadcasting small bits of the race.

Audi is running first with a R10 TDI, that is a diesel. Yes, a diesel! But more important Jan Lammer is still running, and he is running in third place ate the moment (23:30 saterday evening). He probably will not hold that place because there is another fast Audi on the track behind him. The Pescarolo’s will probably not make it to the end.

This is great!

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  1. Iam afraid it has gone wrong for Jan Lammers. The car has gone off and into the tire wall. It is stuck so he is out. Pitty!

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