Ireland votes Yes

So Ireland voted Yes in second referendum about the Lisbon treaty (link). The first time the said No but that was accepted by the politicians. Does that mean that their can be a third vote? Maybe one because not enough people voted or not enough people voted Yes?

Do I hear somebody say; Fraud?

Member of Parliament resigns over past as environmental activist

This week Wijnand Duyvendak resigned as member of the Dutch Parliament. The reason was an upcoming publication of his book in which Wijnand revealed his past as environmental activist. He admitted to have been involved with the burglary of the Ministry of Economic affairs in which documents were removed about the plans to build new nuclear facilities. Something he had always denied. He is also brought in relationship with the publication of private addresses of top government officials and the call to harass these people. At the addresses of the officials windows were broken, gasoline were poured into the houses and cars damaged.

Wijnand was surprised about the level of uproar his revelations resulted in.

Yes, very surprising, and very surprising that you think you can get away with it and make a buck on the side with the publication of a book about it.

Europe: Germany has to reconsider its position

Peter Gauweiler, member of the German Bundestag has asked the German Bundesverfassungsgericht (the highest legal council in Germany) to review the Lisbon treaty and decide whether it is legal yes or no. Peter Gauweiler thinks the treaty is not in line with German democratic principles. Experts think he has a good chance on success.

link to article in NRC.

The Olympic flame

Today the Olympic flame was shown in Paris. The flame was extinguished three times before it was rushed to the relay’s endpoint [link to BBC article].
I don’t think it will change the method of economic imperialism used by the Chinese government. Maybe it will make them more careful but it won’t change them.