I watched the HBO Showtime series Californication this weekend and it was as good as the reviews said it was.

Somewhere around November the second series should start. Download the first series now!

I drumped Norton

Afer the last update of Norton Internet Security software I couldn’t send  and receiveany email anymore. That was not the first time this happened.

After some hours of trying to get to work I decided to dump to product and move to McAfee. Happely I had just 28 days left on my Norton 2006 before it expired.


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What is your Identity and for how long

I found an interesting post by Bill Thompson on the BBC website. It seems that most ‘young’ people don’t bother about their userid, useraccount, and password. If you forget your password you simply get a new ID and setup a new account and start over. This, in contrast to ‘us’ ‘older’ people.
I can find myself in Bill’s remark that he tries to setup accounts with similar names and tries to hang on to his email address. I’ve had my email address for some eight years. Before that I had to change it every time I changed ISP. Thank god that is in the past.

Bill Thompson website

BBC article

Solaris (2002)

This weekend I watched George Clooney in Solaris. Good movie, slow but interesting. And I have to say Clooney is more of an actor than I expected.

Greece moved closer toward Africa

As a result of a recent earthquake Greece moved 6 meters closer towards Africa. Normally the Greece plate moves 4 centimetres south every year. Because of the quake the displacement was extra large.

The quake which took place in the south of Greece lasted 30 seconds and was also felt in Athens.

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