Le Mans 2008

Three hours to go. Audi is first, Peugeot is second. Peugeot is faster but is 3 minutes behind. Is it enough?

The Olympic flame

Today the Olympic flame was shown in Paris. The flame was extinguished three times before it was rushed to the relay’s endpoint [link to BBC article].
I don’t think it will change the method of economic imperialism used by the Chinese government. Maybe it will make them more careful but it won’t change them.

Tell me where you are every two hours

During the Olympics in 2008 the athletes will have to tell the anti-doping organisation were they are every two hours. Not only during the games but also in the weeks leading to it (link).
I agree with the fact that we have to check atletes on the use of doping but forcing somebody to tell you where you are every two is over the top. I think we have to take a step back and look how we can do this without invading the privacy of the athlete.

McLaren bashing in Hungary

Strange things are going on in Formula 1.

First there is the spy case between McLaren en Ferrari and now there is the situation during the qualification in Hungary.

The outcome of the first case was as expected. There is no direct proof that McLaren is using Ferrari technology.

The second case is even more ridicules. The team is screwing up their qualifying by keeping Alonso in the pits so long that Hamilton couldn’t make his last run anymore. Result: The stewards penalize McLaren, they can run in this GP but cannot gain any World Championship points and Alonso is put back five places on the grid.

I get the feeling that somebody thought ‘let’s give them a heavy penalty, McLaren will object, the penalty will be reduced but at least we got the for the spy case with Ferrari’.

Le Mans 24 hours

I could not go to Le mans 24 hours, but I can watch it on RTL Grand Prix who is streaming it on the Internet. Great!!!
Unfortunately Jan Lammers is not doing very well and Audi can not be beaten.

Le Mans 24 2006

Oh my god, I do love the Internet.

I am watching the Le Mans 24 hours race on the Internet. RTL7 is streaming the live coverage and at the same time I am listening to radio Le Mans. All the TV channels are only broadcasting small bits of the race.

Audi is running first with a R10 TDI, that is a diesel. Yes, a diesel! But more important Jan Lammer is still running, and he is running in third place ate the moment (23:30 saterday evening). He probably will not hold that place because there is another fast Audi on the track behind him. The Pescarolo’s will probably not make it to the end.

This is great!

42km ski Marathon in Engadin

My brother finished the 42km ski marathon in Engadin in Switzerland on March 12 2006 [link] [Engadin link]. Conditions were harsh. The temperature was minus 20 degreed Celsius and he had a 60km/hour headwind.

My Brother Startline

Result: 5 hours – 26 minutes 51 seconds
Behind on winner: 2 hours 53 minutes 29 seconds
Avage speed: 7,7km/hours

Result chart

Waiting for the start


I am more of the type who goes downhill and up the hill in a chairlift.

That's me on the hill