Global warming debate on Dutch TV

After the worldwide Al Gore/Music show and the movie “The unconvenient truth” the Dutch TV program Reporter is showing a program of the opposition (the Great Global Warming Swindle), the one who is doubting whether mankind is (fully) responsible for the global warming effect. The program will be followed by a discussion.
On Dutch radio some journalist reacted to this saying; “This is a bad idea, it will only confuse the public and we know that the story of the other party is wrong, …”.

I think that last reaction is a very narrow minded. I would like to hear Al Gore’s story and the story of the opposition. Yes, I think we are responsible for most of the global warming but I am also sure that there are some other factors having a bad effect and I would like to know what experts think of that. The last thing what journalist should be doing is deciding for us what is the truth. That will only lead to people thinking this is just another hype.

One day later. I saw the program and I followed the discussion. What did I think of it, am I confused now as the journalist feared or am I in the Al Gore camp now or in the other camp?
Well, I think it was a good program and they should have shown this. The discussion was a bit pressed on time but they had the right guests and they asked a lot of good questions.
No, I am not confused quite the opposite it is a lot clearer.
Yes, we need to do something about our energy consumption, waste production, greenhouse gas production, more sustainable way of living, etc. And yes both sides have twisted the truth in and used scientific research order to get their message across.
No, science does not have the conclusive evidence. There are a lot of things which are contradicting and there are a lot of questions about the models being used.