Prof. Mr. Laurens Jan Brinkhorst

We have an ex-member of the Dutch government who is regularly showing us how thick the plank is in front of his head. When we held the referendum in the Netherlands he was the one who made remarks like; if we don’t say yes war will break out in Europe, all the light will go out and we will fall in complete chaos. You cannot blame the guy because he use to work in the European parliament from 1994 to 1999. He must have lost it then working in a parliament with no power, doing nothing all day.

Now that the negotiations the new constitution are started he felt it necessary to write an article in our regional newspaper, the Eindhovens Dagblad, about the necessity of the European Union. What is striking in the piece is his lack of understanding how he, as a Dutch representative in Brussels, failed to tell his party and more important, failed to tell the Dutch people how important the EU for us is and how important their work is. No, instead he can only say ‘WAR WILL BREAK OUT IF YOU SAY NO’. Furthermore he keeps repeating that we do not understand the issue, that it was never the intention to build a European superstate, and that the flag, the Nation Anthem and the European President had nothing to with. Yes sure!!

One argument he uses, the rising of new economic superpowers like China and India and the fact that the European economy would benefit from more cooperation, is one which I can agree with. We need to cooperate better, made it easier to transport our goods and services but we also need to keep our National identities, our habits, and our approach to life and work. Diversity is one of the strengths of the European countries and economies, that is what made to Germans so efficient, that’s what made the Italians so creative, that what made the Dutch a bit of it all. That is lacking in economies like that of the US. That is all blend and tasteless.

So Mister Brinkhorst, I will vote Yes if:

  • We get a small and simple treaty which provides simple and clear guidelines how the voting power is being divided,
  • More power is given back to the National parliaments,
  • The European parliament has the power to send the European Commissioners home,
  • I have the feeling that the European parliament is representing me and my country and is not squeezing us like an orange.