Apple iPhone; old wine in new bag?

How about that new phone from Apple. Looks good doesn’t it? Questions is, is it as good as it looks and does it deliver what is promised?

From what I read on Engadget, Robert Scoble and other sites I conclude that Apple has missed to boat.

  • Durability
    If haven’t used that many models of phones in the last couple of years. My first requirement is that a phone is durable as I have to use it for work. I don’t think the iPhone is a sturdy model. If I drop my Nokia it still works, I don’t think the Apple screen will survive such a treatment.
  • Battery power
    I need battery power because I don’t want to charge my phone every 3 hours. That’s why I have been using the boring and reliant models like Nokia 6110, 6310i and the 6630. Up to five hours of battery power (is that using the phone constantly?) is good.
  • Size matters
    The trend in phone is that they are getting smaller and lighter. The iPhone looks more like a big box to me.
  • Interface
    I love the tablet PC like interface. From experience I can say that it not as effective as the normal keypad.
  • Price
    A price of $600 is way to steep.

No, I think I will stick with my real phones.

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