Should I buy a Nikon D200

Some time ago I blogged about the then to be released D200 from Nikon. I was speculating about the specs and whether I would buy one. At the moment I have an analog F90x which is still very good. I also have a film Nikon filmscanner so I already made a move from film to digital.

My F90x is more than 7 years old and clearly technology has moved on. Digital is the future. Just watch what Kodak is doing, it is closing factories where they produce their films. The same goes for Fuji. Canon will stop producing analog camera’s, Nikon has already announced to do so.

The only problem I have with buying a D200 (besides the money) is all the lenses I have. I have stuff ranging from 20mm to 200mm. All that changes with the 1.5 crop factor. It will mean I will have to buy some new lenses and dump some good old ones like a 28-70mm/f2.8.


I will have to think about it. I want to go digital but I am also thinking about the money.

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  1. I am not going to do it.
    At the moment going to stick to my F90X en Nikon Coolscan IV ED.

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