Danish embassy torched in Syria

News headline on the BBC News website ‘Danish embassy torched in Syria‘.


It is a reaction which you could have expected. The bad thing is my first reaction is; Screw them, if they think they can burn down our ambassies and get away with it, I say; I hope they publish the fucking the cartoons everywhere!

New Zealand newspapers have also decided to publish the cartoons because they think their readers have a right to know what all the fuzz is about. South Africa newspapers are being forced by courts not to publish the cartoons.
Now you can see that the issue is political and not religious. If it were religous these kind of outbursts would have happened in November last year when the cartoons were first published.
Now that it is political; publish the cartoons and talk!

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  1. The Danish government has announced that local imams suspected of whipping up anti-Danish sentiment in the Muslim world will be excluded from talks on the country’s integration policy. In recent months a number of Danish imams have travelled to Muslim countries to draw attention to cartoons of the prophet Muhammad published in the newspaper Jyllands-Posten in September.

    Today there were new protests against the cartoons. In Afghanistan, four protesters were killed today when demonstrators clashed with police, and activists also battled police in Indonesia. A European observer mission in the West Bank is pulling out for the time being after Palestinians attacked the mission’s office in Hebron.

    French President Jacques Chirac has accused those who re-published the caricatures of provoking the Muslim reaction. The French weekly Charlie Hebdo published the cartoons in its latest edition.

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