Where is Benjamen Walker?

I’ve been listening to the shows of Benjamen Walker since a year and a half. His shows are transmitted in the US by Chicago Public Radio but also by a number, as he calls it, enlightened radio stations. But you can also listen to him on the internet.

He travels around the world, recently he was in the UK, before that in Tunisia, China and Jamaica. On regular basis he is asked to appear to speak at conferences like the International Audio festival.
If you are interested in good different and independent podcast/radio goto his site on http://www.toeradio.org.

There is one problem and I’m worried; I haven’t heared the guy since Okctober last year. Where is Bejamen? Does anybody knwo know, please let me know.

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  1. Hello,
    Thank you for your concern about Benjamen’s whereabouts.
    Last time I spoke with him he was on his way to London, he was very excited because he had a lead into the location of one of the clandestine-detention centers in the former soviet block (it was the buzz at the time).
    After he got to London, he AIM me, he told me that the contact had turn out to be this beautiful woman, who said she was a former operative, and knew the location of one of these places. He was very excited. I kept telling him to be careful, and to make sure he left word of were he was at all times. He laughed an told me I was being paranoid. I think he was really taken with this woman. These wouldn’t be the first time he has let his fascination with women get the better of him.
    And after that he disappeared. I’ve tried contacting everyone we knew mutually, but no one has heard from him. We are all very worried and hope that he reappears soon. At this point the 2 theories are he ran away with this secret woman, or he was set up and is being subjected to the many horrors he fictionalized many times.
    Lets pray it makes for a good show.

  2. Boy I am so happy that Benjamen is ok. I was getting freaked out when the last entry on his website was early Dec. You never know, this world can be ruthless. I spent two years in Turkey and almost a year in Saudi, I know how you can get lost very easily (in more ways then making a wrong turn off the freeway).

    Me and many of my friends are pretty new to his podcasts and are eagerly waiting this next creation.

    Until then, Yahoo Ben is ok!

  3. Whoooh, this sounds like a chapter out of an Ian Flemming book.
    From what Energumeno is writing I still don’t get the feeling that he’s OK. I gues the only thing we can do is sit and wait.


  4. Overseas and clandestine meetings with beautiful operatives????? Benjamin Bond – I’m impressed!! Really though – glad you’re back on the air and okay. Missed you lots and I hope things get to a new normal for you quickly. B-r-e-a-t-h-e….

  5. I’m still not understanding what happened to Ben; I feel like I’m travelling through a Borges novel, picking apart the mystery, reading TOEradio.org and trying to figure it all out.

    I return to Ben’s site often, but don’t understand what’s going on…Perhaps that’s how he wants it. In fact, I’m almost certain, now that I think about it, that’s how he wants it: mysterious, slightly vague, offputting and yet inviting all at once.

    Okay, I’m full of it. I don’t what I’m talking about…Does anyone know what happened to Ben?

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