Tatung TTAB B12D, two months later.

I thought I report on the use of the Tatung TTAB-B12D Tablet PC.
I bought my Tablet in September and I have been using it since then. For work I have a Dell notebook which I still use. I try to use the tablet at the same time, but data synchronization is difficult.
There are two setbacks when using the tablet, One: the battery use is limited to 2-3 hours which is not enough. I tend to use the tablet a lot in situations where I don’t have power. You don’t want to run out of power in a situation like that. I bought an Electrovaya high capacity battery which I expect to set next wick. That should make the difference.
The other thing is the heat control. The fan is too loud! It has two speeds, three to be precise! Off, slow and high speed. Once you are working with the device, the fan goes to high speed quite often. That is quite annoying when in a meeting.
One other annoying thing is the lacking support for Dutch language. Handwriting recognition for English is great, but other languages would be nice.

Conclusion: I still love it and want to use it. Buy one if you can!