Tatung TTAB-B12D

Last time I wrote that I received a Tablet PC. I have to say that I love it.
I got the machine from Germany, so it came with a German version of the Tablet OS. Allthough my German isn’t too bad, I prefere the English and Dutch language version. This meant that I had to do a new install. That took me about an evening with all the patches to be downloaded. After that I installed all the standard stuff I use for my work; Office 2003, Visio, Mind manager, RealPlayer, OneNote plus the extra’s from Microsoft.

The machine comes with a 60GB disk and 512MB memory. The screen is 12.1″ with a max resolution of 1024 x 768. The battery gives you about 3-4 hours of time without AC. Extra’s are fingerprint scanner, firewire, USB and Wireless (b&g). It comes with a keyboard/stand which acts as cover for the Tablet when you don’t use it.
Handwriting recognition works fine for me. The only drawback is that the Dutch language is not supported. As I understand it will take sometime before that is solved. Maybe Vista will be out sooner.

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  1. I have a similar problem so which site can i download the english OS

  2. I’m afraid that you cannot download the English version from some Microsoft site (problably you can if you look at some bittorrent sites, but I haven’t told you this). I was lucky that the company which I work for had an English tablet PC version which worked with the activation key I already had. I still don’t have the Dutch language pack and I understand that it will not come either.
    I have tried to install Vista but ran into blue screens. So I am waiting for a new and stable version .

    Good luck.

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