Mobility fee!

In the Netherlands the topic of the last 10 years has been our Mobility. Traffic jams are part of our lives . The time that work meant being stuck in one place for the whole day has changed, at least for a lot of people. I spend three out of five days in other towns. Working either at a customer location or at another site of the firm I work for. And, a lot of people live in one part of the Netherlands and work in another part because if both partners work, you have to balance the difference.
In the last ten years the dutch government has tried to get us out of the car and train and reduce the pressure on our road network.
The last idea is to tax us for the amount of kilometers we make and make it more expensive if we drive in rushhours. They are willing to spend three to four (3-4) billon € ( € ) for implementing an automated system which checks you and bills you automatic. Maintaining the system is going to cost around 800 million ‘a year. From the government track record for implementing big public systems, you can expect it is going to cost at least 50% more!
Why don’t they just scrap all roadtaxes and put it in the price of petrol. Costs a lot less to implement, and if you drive a lot, you us a lot of fuel, you pay a lot!