WMA for PC Link is here !!

WMA Music File Format Support in PC Link and the launch of the radioio music service.

You should have received yesterday an email from Philips outlining future release plans of Streamium products. We acknowledge that the product is not currently ready for the WMA Services or My Media. However, we would like to communicate the following product upgrade improvements for your consideration.

Philips Streamium SL300i, SL400i and MX6000i are ready to be upgraded to play Windows Media Audio (.WMA) music files. In addition to the currently supported MP3 and WAV file formats, Philips Streamium is keeping pace with the market, and will now support the hugely popular WMA music format! The addition of (non-DRM protected) WMA music file support will enable you to play more of your favorite music from your PC. WMA support for My media is not yet enabled but can be expected in the near future.

If they could add RealPlayer support it would be perfect!