Laptop stolen!

Quote from BBC News website [Link]
West Midlands police are investigating the theft of a laptop from a Royal Navy officer which held personal details of 600,000 people, it has been confirmed.
Again, how can you be so careless with that kind of important information!

Tell me where you are every two hours

During the Olympics in 2008 the athletes will have to tell the anti-doping organisation were they are every two hours. Not only during the games but also in the weeks leading to it (link).
I agree with the fact that we have to check atletes on the use of doping but forcing somebody to tell you where you are every two is over the top. I think we have to take a step back and look how we can do this without invading the privacy of the athlete.

Hirsi Ali Offered a Safe Haven in Denmark

It is good to see that Denmark is offering Hirsi Ali a safe haven to stay (link). Criticism that the Dutch government is failing in this area is not completely fair and correct.
Hirsi Ali was protected in the Netherlands during the time she was receiving threads and would she have remained in nthe Netherlands she would have received protection during that stay. She decided to move to the US partly because she was offered a prestigious job in a conservative Think-tank, partly because if she would have remained in the Netherlands she would have had to live here under a constant protection program.

She was told that if she was moving to the US she would have to consider that the US wouldn�t automatically protect her and that she would have to hire her own protection. That Denmark is offering Hirsi Ali a safe haven is more a criticism towards the US that they are not providing a safe haven than the Dutch government is lacking.
Personally I would have preferred if the Dutch government would have given her some kind of protection in the US, maybe in collaboration with US government.