McLaren Bashing?

Quote for ITV Formula 1 website:

Under-fire FIA president Max Mosley has called an extraordinary general meeting of the sport’s governing body to discuss the fall-out from the recent allegations about his private life.

I don’t think this coincidence. This is payback time, not by McLaren but by all the other big shots behind the scene.

McLaren bashing continues

McLaren apologises over spy findings” [link]

I have the feeling that the only reason why McLaren is doing this is because they know that they can never win this battle and that it would have dragged on and on. The whole investigation has always been “proving that you are innocent” instead of the FIA proving that McLaren is guilty. Something they never could have done so anyway. What do you think the outcome of the WMSC meeting would have been? Any mention in the report of a similar development in the McLaren and Ferrari car would have been explained as McLaren copying Ferrari.


McLaren bashing continues

First they decide that the MP4-23 has to be checked on “illegal” Ferrari knowledge/parts. Now they decide that the results have to be shared with the competition and in a sense give them full inside on the construction and basics of the McLaren car.

When will this charade end?

McLaren bashing continues

From the Guardian:

There was more bad news for McLaren yesterday when the FIA president Max Mosley said that not only was it unlikely that Hamilton would be crowned 2007 world champion, even if the team’s appeal against the stewards’ decision not to penalise BMW Sauber and Williams for breaching fuel regulations in the Brazilian grand prix were successful, but the 22-year-old Briton could start the 2008 season with a negative points score should Ferrari’s intellectual property be found to have been used in his car.

“Ferrari data was in the hands of the [McLaren] chief designer at precisely the moment he was designing the 2008 McLaren,” Mosley said. “The difficulty we have is that we are not going to find a part that was designed by Ferrari. What you may find are ideas and at this level of technology, if the idea is given to the chief designer he will make a component utilising that idea which bears no relation at all to the component being used by the other car.

“So we will be looking for the ideas. The investigation will be thorough and it will use outside experts. We will do everything we possibly can to make sure that neither of the McLarens has any element of Ferrari intellectual property in it. Or, if it does, we will then have to consider taking some sort of action. That would not necessarily prevent them from running, it would be more likely that they would be given a negative point allocation.”

A McLaren spokesperson said: “We have no comment other than that we will cooperate fully with the FIA. Bring it on.”

A Ferrari source suggested managers at the Italian team would be best qualified to know what, if any, innovations on the McLaren are the fruits of espionage. “Ferrari knows what was passed to McLaren and what can be used,” he said. “It is not necessarily about copying but about gaining advantage by knowing what the other side is doing. When you play poker and know what cards your opponent has, you have an immediate advantage.”


McLaren bashing continues

I have read the transcript of the World Motor Sport Council about the spy case between Ferrari and McLaren (link to the document). It is a very interesting document because it give you an insight in the way the Formula 1 business is run which you normally do not see.

The statement gives you a nice insight on how all teams look at each other what everybody is doing, how they can copy successful designs and learn why some teams are more successful than others. It also gives you an insight view on the engineering side of the business and how that process is being run and how close that engineering community is.

As far as the spy issue. Judging from the evidence presented in the hearing I can only conclude that there is no factual evidence that McLaren has used data and / or designs from Ferrari in the design of their car.
What is disturbing in the ruling is that the McLaren 2008 car has to be checked for Ferrari design components but that the council has no indicated when this is going to be done en when. So in theory McLaren could be refused to participate in the 2008 competition one day before the start of the first race.

As I wrote in an earlier blog entry, I find this an internal HR problem of Ferrari which they have mishandled and which completely went out of control. Ferrari accusing McLaren of spying is completely misplaced.

McLaren bashing continues

The World Motor Sport Council has convicted McLaren for spying and using information of other teams (Ferrari). The punishment is $100.000.000 and reduction of all points gained during the year 2007 (construction championship).

I don’t believe this anymore. The fun I had watching Formula 1 is completely gone.

There is a team which has a HR problem namely they have a problem treating their staff correct. That problem is so big that the staff decided to leak information to the competition. And now the competion is being punished for that mismanagement even as they have not used that infornation.
Mr J. Todt please step down and go and produce wine or vinegar in your case.