Adam Curry is Russ Limbaugh

After listening to the latest dailysourcecode of Adam Curry [link], I have to say that he is totally loosing it. Nobody can be trusted, everybody is evil, the whole financial crisis is made up by the people who run this world, blablabla.
He is sounding more and more like Russ Limbaugh. If you have never listened to this guy, you really have to.

Fuck you Adam Curry!

Great website (

Some guy started a new website on which he is going to post his comments on the podcast of Adam Curry. His beef is that Adam is always complaining about how busy he is and that he hardly has time to make his “daily source code” show.
The dude is right. The show is not daily and there is no excuse why Adam cannot make an upload daily. He has all the technology, iriver iphone, wifi, nokia, etc.