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Mar 23 2008

Windows Vista sp1

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Well, this week SP1 for Windows Vista came out. I haven’t had any problem with Windows Vista so I wasn’t really waiting for the update but my Windows update icon popped up and said “A new update is available for you“. Before starting the update I checked the small print on the Microsoft website. There […]

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Mar 08 2008

Scoble goes (again) into a non-issue discussion

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Again Robert Scoble has started a discussion about whether Apple is better than Windows Vista (link). Just like the other instances he is trying to compaire apples and oranges. Apple Apple is a hardware and software supplier. It produces software (application and a OS) which will only run on hardware produced and sold by Apple. […]

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Dec 09 2007

Windows Vista or not

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This weekend I took the plunge and tried Windows Vista on my desktop PC at home. The result: I like it! It is quick, the graphics are refreshing new and most of the software I own works. I know that as with most systems if you do a fresh install, the speed of the OS […]

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Nov 26 2007

Amazon Kindle

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Robert Scoble has published his one-week review of the Amazon Kindle. The Amazon Kindle is an eBook Reader much like the Sony Reader and the iLaid from iRex Technologies. Of the six comments Robert has, some of them are legit but most of them show that he is looking at this too much from a […]

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