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May 08 2010

Ubuntu 10.04

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My second try of Ubuntu. This time version 10.04 LTS. Conclusion: It looks good, Installs without a problem, It functions, But, still doesn’t capture you. It is still like working with a box full of spanners and nails and other stuff from all kind of suppliers and manufacturers

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Jul 06 2008

Richard Stallman’s point of view

You must read this article by Richard Stallman on the BCC News website about Bill Gates retirement (BBC article). Richard Stallman is the founder of the Free Software Foundation and from the article you can see that he sees Microsoft as and Bill Gates as Dark Vader. I agree with his argument about the Microsoft […]

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Jun 29 2008

Getting away from OpenSuse 11.0

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Bird in the garden.

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Jun 22 2008

Ubuntu 8.0.4 LTS versus Micrsoft Vista SP1 Business edition

In the past I have tried a number of Linux distributions. All those reviews ended with the feeling; “nice for a geek but I don’t think the rest of world wants to go back to the commandline and non consistent GUI’s”. Linux has gone a long way since then and now that Novell is claiming […]

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Jan 03 2008

Long Live Closed-Source Software! | Computers | DISCOVER Magazine

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You have got to read this! [link to document] Jaron Lanier states that the open-source model will hold back radical, unique and one of a kind new designs. As an examples he uses Linux with it’s many distribution versions, the iPhone as a product and the scientific practice of doing research and publishing your result […]

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