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Jan 07 2007

What is your Identity and for how long

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I found an interesting post by Bill Thompson on the BBC website. It seems that most ‘young’ people don’t bother about their userid, useraccount, and password. If you forget your password you simply get a new ID and setup a new account and start over. This, in contrast to ‘us’ ‘older’ people. I can find […]

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Dec 20 2006

Insight at last

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It is about time that we restrict the emissions of airplanes. I was in Canada on September 2001 when all the flights were grounded in the US because of the attack on the Twin Towers. The effects on the temperature and the clouds during that period were staggering. A clear indication to me that the […]

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Dec 08 2006

The end of the analog transmission

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The Netherlands will stop using analog TV signals by the end of this year. If you don’t have cable (which 80% of the Netherlands has) you will have to switch to satellite (DVB-S) or terrestrial digital (DVB-T).

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Sep 08 2006

I don’t I will buy a new HP printer right now

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It is something out of a Hollywood script; “Top CEO spies on its board members and breaks every rule there is”. If you haven’t heard about it. There has been some stuff going on at HP. There were some boardroom secrets leaking out to the press and the CEO (Patricia Dunn) started an investigation. Nothing […]

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Aug 11 2006

Personal Computer 25 years

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The PC is 25 years old! I can remember the first time they carried the thing into our office. Oh man, did it change the way we worked. We had a Wang text editor in a private network. One of these great boxes with screen and keyboard in one box. The documents we wrote we […]

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Aug 10 2006

Apple hype?

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Recently Steve delivered his key note about the new features in Linux OS X Leopard. Great new features? No, not really. A lot of features were already available in either Linux and/or Windows (Virtual desktops, Time machine) or were just fixes not worth mentioning. No new Nano, no new iPhone, no Vista 2.0, no … […]

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Jul 20 2006

Hot? Make your own air conditioner

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As the temperature in the Netherlands is rising above the 30 C, the questions comes up; how to keep cool. Answer; Build your homemade air conditioner. Here is the link [link]

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Jul 13 2006

Apple versus France (DRM issue)

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The Herald Tribune has published a good article about the bill that is going to pass in the French senate this summer [link tot the article]. As you might have read somewhere, there is somewhat of a dispute going on between Apple and the French government. The latest are proposing a bill which will force […]

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Jun 22 2006

French DRM Law Revised for iTunes

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I am afraid that the French have no balls! Read this article [link] in BetaNews. The French have watered down the original bill which would ban the use of DRM formats that are closed down for third parties. Or easier said; A person who buys a DRM protected piece of data should be able to […]

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Jun 19 2006

Cool USB stick

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Check out the FosFor Gadgets website for a very cool USB stick (link).

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Jun 16 2006


This has been quite a week for Microsoft; Scoble leaving, share prices going down and than now Gates leaving! Robert Scoble; I have been reading Roberts’ Blog for some time. Him leaving Microsoft was not really a suprise to me. There were some signals in his writing; the time he stopped blogging, the moment […]

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May 23 2006

I don’t need an iPod, I have an iRiver

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