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Jan 04 2008

How addicted to Apple are you

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0%How Addicted to Apple Are You? Become an Ultrasound technician

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Jan 03 2008

Long Live Closed-Source Software! | Computers | DISCOVER Magazine

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You have got to read this! [link to document] Jaron Lanier states that the open-source model will hold back radical, unique and one of a kind new designs. As an examples he uses Linux with it’s many distribution versions, the iPhone as a product and the scientific practice of doing research and publishing your result […]

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Dec 17 2007

Netherlands Adopts Open-Source Software: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance

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It sounds really nice, the adoption of open-source software and open standards to cut cost and the dependencies on individual companies. Anyone who looks further into this sees that it is more the case of “using only those open standards so certain companies are excluded”. Netherlands Adopts Open-Source Software: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance Technorati […]

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Nov 27 2007

The death of e-mail

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Chad Lorenz wrote in Slate an article about the “Death of e-mail”. It was picked up by Thomas Hawk on his blog who celebrated it this development and said: And I read this article and can’t help but keep muttering inside, “Yes. Yes! YES!!!! Die email die!” Increasingly email is playing a smaller and smaller […]

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Nov 26 2007

Amazon Kindle

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Robert Scoble has published his one-week review of the Amazon Kindle. The Amazon Kindle is an eBook Reader much like the Sony Reader and the iLaid from iRex Technologies. Of the six comments Robert has, some of them are legit but most of them show that he is looking at this too much from a […]

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Nov 18 2007

Apple sucks!

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I am a regular reader of Robert Scoble‘s blog since he popped up on the Microsoft Channel 9 website. Last Saturday he wrote a most amusing piece about the “Brand promise of Apple” and how, in his view, does not match up with the promise. Apple’s promises: Apple will always work, Everybody can use an […]

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Oct 05 2007


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Does anybody understand the value-add or the business plan of Twitter? I don’t, I think I’ll give it another 12 months before desolves into thin or something else.

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Jul 05 2007


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One week after the introduction of the iPhone the excitement has lowered to a more normal level. Prices on Ebay have dropped as most people now understand that the iPhone is a nice gadget but it is not worth paying twice the market price. What can be said about the iPhone. It does most of […]

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Jun 30 2007

Scoble and the iPhone hype

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I watched Scoble and Thomas Hawk on the ZoomrTV stream getting their iPhone. They stayed their all night blogging and streaming. It was a bit idiotic but at was a big party with lost of fun people in line. Next thing is checking out ebay and see how much a second hand iPhone goes for. […]

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Jun 27 2007

Diesel particle filter not allowed

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The European court has ruled that the Netherlands is not allowed to make diesel particle filters compulsory on new cars. Instead the Netherlands has to wait till the end of 2008. Making the filter compulsory in the Netherlands would be unfair the the manufacturers because they would have to make changes to the product only […]

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Jun 14 2007

AT&T willing to spy for NSA, MPAA, and RIAA

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Quote In a move that has executives from movie studios and record labels grinning from ear to ear, AT&T has announced that it will develop and deploy technology that will attempt to keep pirated content off its network. The move is spurred in part by the company’s decision to offer IPTV television service as part […]

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Jan 14 2007

Apple iPhone; old wine in new bag?

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How about that new phone from Apple. Looks good doesn’t it? Questions is, is it as good as it looks and does it deliver what is promised? From what I read on Engadget, Robert Scoble and other sites I conclude that Apple has missed to boat. Durability If haven’t used that many models of phones […]

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