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Jul 02 2010

Why people buy Apple iPhones

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Sep 17 2009


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Aug 17 2009

Twitter’s businesscase

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A study performed by a market research firm in the US showed that only 7.8% of all twitter messages could be said to have any ‘value’. The remaining 92.2% was useless or without value. Question: what is the business case of the Twitter service? It has to be brilliant; Here is a service which people can […]

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Jul 23 2008


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This website is hosted on a VPS server from For those who do not know what a VPS is; a VPS is a Virtual Private Server. You get a part of a physical server as if it is your server. Big advantage is that you have “full” control over your server and you can […]

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Jul 06 2008

Richard Stallman’s point of view

You must read this article by Richard Stallman on the BCC News website about Bill Gates retirement (BBC article). Richard Stallman is the founder of the Free Software Foundation and from the article you can see that he sees Microsoft as and Bill Gates as Dark Vader. I agree with his argument about the Microsoft […]

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Jun 22 2008

Ubuntu 8.0.4 LTS versus Micrsoft Vista SP1 Business edition

In the past I have tried a number of Linux distributions. All those reviews ended with the feeling; “nice for a geek but I don’t think the rest of world wants to go back to the commandline and non consistent GUI’s”. Linux has gone a long way since then and now that Novell is claiming […]

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May 16 2008

No respect for privacy

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Read this article by Robert Scoble. It is about the import and export of your personal data which you place on ‘social’ websites/services like Facebook, Plaxo, Hyves, Google Friend Connect, etc. Again it shows that US based companies have a very different view on the privacy of information compared with European companies and the European […]

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May 09 2008

Twitter spam filtering

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Scoble wrote about “the beautiful noise of Twitter and FeedFriend” in a reaction to a blog entry from David Risley who complains about the noise these systems produce. I wrote about the Twitter service before. Twitter is like standing in an overcrowded bar where everybody is talking loudly, not listening to anybody but everybody has […]

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Mar 31 2008

New browser on the block

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I saw an entry on Robert Scoble’s blog about a new browser by AT&T called Pogo. You would ask, why on earth do we need a new browser if we already have, IE6, IE7, IE8, FireFox 2 and 3, Safari, Opera, …. Well, maybe we need a new browser which is compliant with all the […]

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Jan 23 2008

Apple iPhone just move over, you are history!

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Apple move over! This device by Radius turns the iPhone into an old brick. Link to article in Reuters. Never has a product by Apple been made out of style so quickly.

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Jan 15 2008

MacWorld 2008, not much news

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Not much news on the MacWorld 2008 (link to Engadget site). Some updates on the (flop) MacTV, a new toaster / thin laptop and some new media content (movies). Big deal.

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Jan 15 2008 – Hackers break into transport smart card

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So somebody opened up a smart card, what is the big deal?  This was to be expected. Any security measure is a balance between the cost of making a system 100% secure and how often en what the costs are when somebody breaches your security measures. – Hackers break into transport smart card Technorati […]

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