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Jul 13 2006

Apple versus France (DRM issue)

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The Herald Tribune has published a good article about the bill that is going to pass in the French senate this summer [link tot the article]. As you might have read somewhere, there is somewhat of a dispute going on between Apple and the French government. The latest are proposing a bill which will force […]

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Jun 22 2006

French DRM Law Revised for iTunes

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I am afraid that the French have no balls! Read this article [link] in BetaNews. The French have watered down the original bill which would ban the use of DRM formats that are closed down for third parties. Or easier said; A person who buys a DRM protected piece of data should be able to […]

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May 23 2006

I don’t need an iPod, I have an iRiver

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Mar 27 2006

A DRM perfect world

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I’ve been writing about the French and their approach about DRM. They are introducing regulation which will open up the issue around Digital Right Management used by different suppliers. I have nothing against the French, I have nothing against DRM and I have nothing against Apple. But what I don’t like is being locked in […]

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Mar 21 2006

Crack in the DRM Firewall??

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France has approved the draft law which will force Apple and Microsoft to open up their DRM protection. Let’s see what the consequences will be.

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Mar 14 2006

First cracks showing in proprietary iTunes systems

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Betanews reports about a possible break which could force Apple to open up its proprietary iTunes DRM model [link betanews]. iTunes is one of the most popular models for buying music on line. The biggest problem with the model is that Apple has made sure that music bought on iTunes can only be played on […]

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