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Apr 29 2006

Move from PHPnuke to Joomla

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I run a couple of website of which some are based on PHPnuke. As PHPnuke is not very safe plus development is slow, I’m now testing Joomla. Conversion is a problem, installation is not easy. But it is promissing

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Apr 26 2006

Server down

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Due to maintenance my VPS was down for four hours. Not bad after being up for more than 1,5 year.

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Mar 13 2006

Benjamen Walker is podcasting again!

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In January I wrote that Benjamen Walker was missing [link]. He has a blog and radio program which you can listen too as a podcast [wikipedia podcast]. A lot of comments came in on this blog and it seemed that more people were worried about his wellbeing. He has surfaced again and new programs are […]

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Feb 27 2006

Dilbert’s methode to help others with their computer “problems”

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link: Dilbert site.

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Feb 17 2006

Crossing the BLVD: strangers, neighbors, aliens in a new America

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This is a post about a site you should really visit; Crossing the BLVD. On the site it says; ‘a kaleidoscopic view of new immigrants and refugees living in Queens, New York ? the most ethnically diverse locality in the United States is a project of EarSay” . I’ve browsed the site for some time […]

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Feb 03 2006

You have got to read this!

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Goto this link. Client: We don’t want to do this full-page newspaper ad in color. It’s not about the money. We just don’t want the ad to attract too much attention.” Customer calling book and video store where I work… Hello, I am a high school teacher here in town. I am looking for a […]

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Jan 11 2006

Health care in the Netherlands

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One of the blogs I read on a regular basis is Dooce by Heather B. Armstrong. She and her husband are writing, on their individual blogs, about their problems with getting healthcare coverage now that they are not working for ‘the boss’ anymore. It is scary to read how people are being denied access to […]

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Jan 07 2006

A new year needs a new look

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I changed the look of my blog. It is based on the connection template. Enno

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Jan 05 2006

Where is Benjamen Walker?

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I’ve been listening to the shows of Benjamen Walker since a year and a half. His shows are transmitted in the US by Chicago Public Radio but also by a number, as he calls it, enlightened radio stations. But you can also listen to him on the internet. He travels around the world, recently he […]

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Dec 22 2005


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I found this really nice blog from Tina Roth Eisenberg. She a native of Switzerland, grew up influenced by the renowned Swiss design and a lot of fresh air and works in New York. Her blog jsut just cries out “DESIGN” and is cramped with nice examples and links. It is a lot of fun, […]

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Aug 02 2005

Do you have something to say?

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The BBC reports that every second a blog is created. The question is; how many of these blogs stay active and how many sease to exists after ashort while.The question is; how many of these blogs stay active and how many seize to exist after a short while.

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Jun 14 2005

Next generation podcasting

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Podcasting is about one year old now. Pretty mature for a technology what started as a hype. It raised the question with me; ‘What would you like to see in the next generation of Podcasting’. How do I listen to Podcasts I started listening to Podcasts on my PC, simple because I didn’t have a […]

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