Apr 29 2006

Move from PHPnuke to Joomla

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I run a couple of website of which some are based on PHPnuke. As PHPnuke is not very safe plus development is slow, I’m now testing Joomla.

Conversion is a problem, installation is not easy. But it is promissing

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2 Responses to “Move from PHPnuke to Joomla”

  1. Bob Beelaon 01 May 2006 at 08:19

    I’m going to dump this version and try Mamboserver. Joomla looks as good as Mambo but half off the components and modules I try to install, fail to.
    Concept is very promission and it looks good and slick. It doesn’t work for me.

  2. Bob Beelaon 03 May 2006 at 07:48

    I’m trying Mamboserver now. It looks like it is working but the learning curve is steep.